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Project Description
Community created reference application for M-V-VM frameworks to use for demonstration purposes, similar in concept to Pet Shop for web frameworks.

This project isn't going to give any solutions for following the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. What it is going to do is provide a sample application that does "typical" things that cause problems when following an M-V-VM architecture. Then, given this reference application and supporting documentation, other implementations can be made using specific M-V-VM libraries. Those other implementations won't be part of this project, though we'll provide links to them. Instead, they'll be reference implementations provided by the specific M-V-VM library's author(s) or interested third parties. This makes it easier on the library developers, since they don't have to dream up their own reference implementation sample. It benefits the users, since they can compare various implementations using "competing" libraries, and they can learn "best practices" of how to use a given library. Again, if you're at all familiar, this is "Pet Shop" for WPF and Silverlight.

NOTE: We're in the discussion phase of this project, and there's not much to see here. The community at large is encouraged to help us during this discussion phase, and if you're interested in helping when we move on to other phases please contact the project coordinator (wekempf).

Project's with author's participating in this effort:

Caliburn nRouteOnyx Prism/Composite WPF

Do you have a project that might make use of this and want to join the effort? Contact the project coordinator (wekempf) to be added to this list.

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